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Saw these shoes at a swap meet reminded me of Maxine from Camp Takota. Need some shoes to match that candy bra, Mametown?

(I only draw cartoons so I’m sorry how this turned out. How does one deal with drawing real people anyways??)
Oops my hand slipped

Rick Genest
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It has been far too long.

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One time in high school a teacher called me a ‘she’


so I said, "I’m actually a boy, Miss."

Then one of my classmates slams his hands on the desks and shouts, "YOU’RE NO BOY!"

I turned around to him.

he said, “YOU’RE A MAN.”

I turned back around sheepishly smiling while all my male classmates cheered and shouted, my teacher simply smiled, apologized, and the lesson continued.

I’m thankful for that moment in my life, it gives me hope for the future.

That more trans people will be supported, and visible. 

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I painted one nail, and Sharpied the rest.. can you tell?? Haha
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